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ACACIA Insurance Services has specialized in life and long-term care insurance solutions since 1990. Through the years we evolved to become a premier Managing General Agent (MGA) supporting independent insurance agents and agencies across the country.

Our MGA contracts are with the nation’s leading long-term care insurance companies. As an MGA with the major insurance carriers, our goal is to build lasting relationships with independent long-term care insurance agents and brokers.

We offer contracts with the highest long-term care and life insurance commissions. If you’re an independent long-term care insurance agency, agent or broker, let’s discuss how we can help you grow your business.


Long-term care and life insurance broker contracts


Have the business you’ve always wanted with:

  • The highest insurance commissions for all major long-term care, hybrid and life insurers
  • Immediate vesting and all commissions paid directly from the carriers
  • Exceptional hybrid and traditional long-term care lead programs for top producers
  • Industry leading sales and back office support for hybrid and traditional LTCi

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Product Lines

  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Short-Term Care Insurance
  • Life Insurance

Insurance Companies

  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Nationwide
  • OneAmerica
  • Lincoln Financial
  • Securian Financial
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What Is A Managing General Agent?

A Managing General Agent (MGA) is contracted directly with the insurance carriers. The insurance companies require MGA’s to place a substantial amount of premium each year to maintain their contract. And independent insurance agents do not typically place enough business to be contracted as an MGA.

Managing General Agents are granted authority by the insurer to appoint independent insurance brokers. The MGA has expertise that benefits the insurers. This expertise is often too costly for the insurer to develop on an in-house basis. So the MGA supports the business goals of the insurer and the independent insurance agent.

Difference Between Managing General Agent and General Agent

We’re often asked about the difference between a Managing General Agent (MGA) and a General Agent (GA). As outlined above, the difference is in the relationship to the insurers.

The General Agent (GA) is an independent insurance agent, or agency, that is appointed under an MGA. The General Agent represents different insurance carriers to distribute various insurance products to consumers. Thus, the hierarchy flows from the insurer, to the MGA, to the GA, to the broker.