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Understanding the choices of products available can help as you determine what insurance strategy is right for you.
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Long-Term Care Insurance

Comprehensive coverage to protect your assets and family from future long-term care needs. Pays for care at home, in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Multiple insurance companies and riders available including a 10-Pay option.

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Linked-Benefit Long-Term Care

A hybrid life insurance policy can be used during your lifetime for long-term care. If you never need care, the asset passes to your loved-ones as a tax-free death benefit. Return of premium and cash indemnity are available.

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Long-Term Care Annuities

A deferred annuity combining a fixed interest rate and possible Indexing strategy with long-term care benefits. Tax-free 1035 exchanges are possible from existing annuities or life insurance coverage. Premiums will not increase.

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Short-Term Care Insurance

Limited benefit plans may be a good fit if you’re uninsurable due to age or pre-existing health conditions. Can also be used to cover the elimination period of traditional long-term care insurance plans.

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Life Insurance Policies

Explore universal life, whole life and term life insurance policies to help determine the best type of life insurance coverage for your situation. The most affordable is term life, but it doesn’t have the guaranteed growth of whole life.

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Group LTC Insurance

Group long-term care insurance plans can offer simplified underwriting. Premiums are 100% tax deductible for C-Corporations and more.

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