Average cost of long-term care in California

April 15, 2024

California long-term care costs have reached a point where having long-term care insurance in California is crucial for families. Here’s a breakdown of the annual expenses for different types of care:

Average Cost of Long-Term Care in California — 2024
Nursing Home: Private Room$131,349
Assisted Living Facility$72,570
Home Care (44 hours per week)$72,846

The financial risk for a 3-year nursing home stay is $394,047 (131,349/year), projected to rise to $863,406 (287,802/year) by 2044.2  Because Medicare does not cover this cost,3 families could face bankruptcy if they have to pay out of pocket.


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What Is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-term care insurance provides coverage for nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and home health care services. Premiums for LTC insurance can vary depending on the company, your age, and health history. While some insurers charge higher premiums for women, others do not. It’s advisable to seek guidance from an agent who represents multiple highly rated providers and specializes in long-term care planning.


What Disqualifies You From Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-term care insurance providers assess the health of individuals seeking coverage. Although many health conditions are accepted, certain issues may prevent you from obtaining insurance.

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How Much Does Long-Term Care Cost in California?

California Long-Term Care Costs — 2024 (annual)

RegionNursing Home
(private room)
Assisted Living
(private room)
Home Care
 (44 Hours/week)
California Average
El Centro$131,349$58,545$68,694
Los Angeles$117,802$76,053$66,683
Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura$127,385$72,733$78,442
Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario$119,579$55,036$69,208
San Diego-Carlsbad$135,241$66,530$64,620
San Francisco$140,819$86,920$79,249
San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara$135,713$89,618$86,334
San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles$128,620$80,177$69,860
Santa Cruz-Watsonville$126,812$95,561$90,554
Santa Maria-Santa Barbara$171,030$82,231$74,318
Santa Rosa-San Rafael$140,107$86,517$85,323
Yuba City$123,935$55,989$80,162
Source: Nationwide Financial annual cost of care survey conducted by HVS, site accessed 4/16/2024

How Much Does LTC Insurance Cost in California?

The cost of long-term care insurance in California varies based on factors such as your age, health history, plan design, and coverage type. You can customize your premium and coverage with plan design features like:

  • Benefit Period
  • Daily Benefit
  • Elimination Period (a deductible in days)
  • Inflation Protection (if chosen)

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About the Author: Craig Matesky
Reviewed by: Mike Berger

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