California long-term care costs continue to rise

June 6, 2023

Sky-high long-term care costs make long-term care insurance a necessity for all but the very wealthy in California. Consider that a private room in a California long-term care facility in 2022 was $146,000 per year ($400/Day). With the average nursing facility stay being 3 years, you’re looking at $438,000. Enough to bankrupt the average California family if only one family member needs care. And it’s not just facilities, the annual cost of a home health aide in California is $73,216.

San Jose and Santa Maria long-term care costs lead the way with an annual cost of $187,000 ($515/Day) for a long-term care facility. Napa, San Francisco, Sacramento and Yuba city follow closely behind with costs of over $160,000 per year.



Long-Term Care Insurance Protection

Long-term care insurance policies pay for nursing facility, assisted living facility and home health care costs. Premiums for LTC insurance can vary greatly by company, age of applicant and health history. Most companies now charge higher premiums for women, but some do not. For these reasons, we strongly suggest working with an agent who represents multiple highly rated companies and who is a specialist with long-term care planning.

Due to the high cost of long-term care services, insurance providers have significant exposure and very carefully health qualify applicants. Generally speaking, you need to be enjoying relatively good health in order to be approved for coverage.

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California Long-Term Care Costs – 2021 (annual)

RegionNursing Home (private room)Nursing Home (semi-private)Assisted Living
(private room)
Home Health Aide (44 Hrs/wk)
State Median
El Centro$106,215$106,215$73,800$41,184
Hanford Area$122,275$114,975$52,200n/a
Los Angeles Area$135,233$109,500$63,000$70,928
Riverside Area$106,376$95,904$48,000$73,216
Sacramento Area$169,543$127,750$62,700$75,504
San Diego Area$146,000$112,603$65,700$77,678
San Francisco Area$168,813$138,791$75,825$85,800
San Jose Area$187,063$142,350$72,000$85,228
San Luis Obispo Area$146,000$120,450$63,600$85,800
Santa Cruz Area$144,175$127,750$66,600$84,084
Santa Maria Area$187,975$128,845$63,600$80,080
Santa Rosa$149,650$135,598$84,570$82,940
Stockton Area$153,118$120,176$43,782$65,780
Vallejo Area$123,370$125,560$59,400$71,500
Visalia Area$107,675$102,200$41,400$64,064
Yuba City$182,500$127,750$55,890$70,745
Source: Cost of Care Survey 2021 (, site accessed 06/06/2023

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