How professional long-term care planning works

Selecting the right company and plan are part of the long-term care planning process. Here are the additional steps your long-term care advisor takes while working to get you protected.


Start the LTC Planning Conversation

Long-Term Care Planner discusses LTC planning with you. Fact finder completed on health and family history, finances and existing coverage.


Advisor Evaluates Multiple Insurance Providers

LTC Planner analyzes and contacts multiple insurance carriers for health underwriting, best rates and plans available.


LTC Planner Identifies Insurance Solution

Advisor identifies best strategies (traditional or hybrid LTC product), prepares competitive analysis and performs in-force policy review (if applicable).


Remote Meeting Objectives

Your Long-Term Care Planner schedules a meeting with you for a conference call, screen sharing or video conference. Advisor explains strategies and products available (reviews illustrations, answers questions and adjust numbers for objectives).


Complete and Submit Application

Advisor schedules time to complete your application by phone/screen share and submits to carrier.


Case Management

Long-Term Care Planner ensures the application is processed and health underwritten in a timely fashion. Advisor keeps you updated on progress by email or phone. Underwriting process takes 4 – 8 weeks depending on insurance company and complexity of health history.


Review Underwriting Outcome

Advisor receives underwriting outcome from the carrier (policy issued as quoted, policy issues other than quoted or policy declined) and notifies you of outcome.

Compare Long-Term Care Insurance Options

Get the best plan and save money with professional advice.