Texas LTC cost now exceeds $125,000 per year

June 1, 2023

Studies show Texas long-term care costs continue to rise. This makes Texas long-term care insurance a necessity for all but the very wealthy.

In 2022, the cost of a Texas long-term care facility was $85,107 ($233/Day) for just one year of care, and on average people need 3 years of care. That would amount to $255,000 at today’s cost and $461,000 by 2041 ($153,713 per year).

The City of Corpus Christi, TX has the highest long-term care facility costs today with a private room being $126,655 per year ($347/day). Midland has the second highest long-term care facility cost in Texas at $122,914 per year ($336/day). McAllen and Austin have the third and fourth highest cost at $112,420 per year ($308/day) and $107,675 ($295/day), respectively.


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Long-term care insurance policies pay for Nursing Facility, Assisted Living Facility and Home Health Care costs. Premiums for LTC insurance can vary greatly by company, age of applicant and health history. Most companies now charge higher premiums for women, but some do not. For these reasons, we strongly suggest working with an agent who represents multiple highly rated companies and who is a specialist with long-term care planning.

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Texas Long-Term Care Costs – 2022 (annual)

RegionNursing Home
(private room)
Nursing Home
Assisted Living
(private room)
Home Health Aide
(44 Hrs/wk)
State Median
Austin Area$107,675$71,175$64,140$62,348
Beaumont Area$88,440$63,875$52,464$52,624
Brownsville Area$97,455$69,350$48,000$34,320
College Station Area$66,430$56,575$47,979$54,866
Corpus Christi$126,655$63,875$40,659$43,472
Dallas Area$101,525$67,525$50,340$58,344
El Paso$87,874$58,583$45,000$43,472
Houston Area$93,075$63,145$50,940$54,912
Killeen Area$90,338$62,963$50,598$53,722
McAllen Area$112,420$73,548$58,200$34,320
San Angelo$80,300$57,853$36,000$54,340
San Antonio Area$83,220$62,780$40,950$54,912
Sherman Area$91,250$62,050$42,000$57,200
Wichita Falls$68,255$56,575$42,060$44,341
Source: Cost of Care Survey 2021 (Genworth.com), site accessed 06/06/2023

Both long-term care and short-term care insurance is available in Texas. Affordable long-term care insurance premiums are available and will depend on your age and health history. We also provide detailed comparisons to the AARP long-term care insurance plan.

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